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Our Code of Conduct

Riverview Market (RVM) was created by people of the Riverview Church community, for the Riverview Church community and is facilitated by a small committee of volunteers.

Our goals are:

  • To provide an introduction platform for, and to strengthen connection between, people within the Riverview community by linking product and service providers (providers) with product and service buyers (buyers)
  • To encourage providers to contribute a proportion of the value of each transaction to Riverview Church to facilitate its ministry.

All participants of Riverview Market agree to:

  1. Behave towards each other with honesty and integrity
  2. Fulfil their responsibilities as providers and buyers (including delivering and paying for the services) in the time and to the standard agreed.
  3. Provide any feedback directly to one another in a kind and encouraging manner.
  4. Address any concerns or conflict with respect and courtesy.
  5. Accept any/all risk of using the platform to link buyers with providers, and acknowledge that buyers and providers are entirely responsible for their own agreements.
  6. Buyers and providers agree not to involve Riverview Church in any conflict, disagreement or claim, and release Riverview Church and the Riverview Market committee from any liability arising out of, or relating in any way to, the use of RVM.

Riverview Market providers also agree to:

  1. Contribute a share of the revenue received from all buyers introduced through Riverview Market to Riverview Church. The RVM volunteer committee suggestion is 10%.
  2. Provide the highest possible standard of service and work to Riverview Market buyers.
  3. Ensure they have all relevant and current insurances, licenses, qualifications and/or anything required by law before providing a service to a Riverview Market buyer.
  4. Seek their accountant’s advice on accounting for that contribution.
  5. Provide details of work they receive through the RVM platform to the Riverview Market committee

Riverview Market providers also agree to:

  1. Be responsible for their own due diligence, including proof of credentials/licenses when restricted trades or other professional works are being requested (eg. Electrical, plumbing, etc.)

How to register as a provider & what to expect.

  • Use the registration form below to provide us with your and your business information.
  • Upon registration, your account will go through a verification and review process by the Riverview Market Committee.
  • You will receive an email once your account has been activated.
  • At this stage (activated account), you and your business will appear in buyer search results.
  • Any buyer enquiry will be sent to you directly.

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